Cabinetry FAQs

FAQ’s about Cabinetry

What types of cabinetry do you offer? We represent several trusted manufacturers of cabinetry, ranging from semi-custom to fully custom. We offer lines that build framed, frameless, and inset cabinetry, and are glad to walk you through those differences when you visit our showroom.

What’s the difference between semi-custom and fully custom? Our semi-custom cabinetry lines offer a wide variety of choices in terms of construction options, sizes, and finishes, while staying within set parameters. Our fully custom cabinetry lines widen those parameters to the extent of what’s feasible to construct and install. Typically, semi-custom lines have a set number of available door styles, wood species, stains, and paint colors, while the fully custom lines will build a door or mix a paint color just for you. Understandably, the semi-custom lines will be less expensive and typically require less lead-time than the fully custom lines.

What are cabinets typically made of? The cabinet boxes themselves are typically constructed of either plywood or furniture-grade engineer board. Cabinet doors can be solid wood, MDF, or a combination of the two. Other options include thermofoil, melamine, and acrylic. The most common wood species used for cabinetry are maple, cherry, alder, beech, bamboo, and walnut.

How long is your cabinetry lead time? Most semi-custom lines are 4-6 weeks from time of order processing. Custom lines range from 8-12+ weeks.