Natural Stone

Natural stone countertops continue to dominate the marketplace. It’s no wonder we are drawn to the innate beauty of stone, and there are styles and price points to meet a wide range of designs and budgets.

Here’s a quick overview of the most popular varieties of natural stone.


Granite… Still a best-seller, granite countertops are durable and beautiful. Granite is a porous material so it does require use of a sealer and of cleaning products geared for natural stone. Granite is comprised of many different types of minerals, and the unique combinations yield the great variety of colors and patterns.


Marble… It is hard to beat the beauty of natural marble. Its classic veining always seems to be in style. Softer than granite, it etches easily and is more prone to staining than granite.


Soapstone… Soapstone is often used in chemistry labs for its resistance to chemicals and bacteria. It’s non-porous, but it is a softer material that is prone to scratching. Due to its natural appearance, however, the scratches are often not very noticeable.


Limestone… Limestone carries characteristics that are very similar to those of marble. It’s soft, beautiful, and develops patina with age.


Quartzite… There are many varieties of stone that are categorized as quartzite in the countertop industry; some are very hard, durable, and stain/heat resistant, while others are softer and have certain traits in common with marble. The colors and patterns of true quartzite slabs are simply stunning, and many of the varieties require minimal maintenance