Other Options

Natural and engineered stone countertops may be our most popular choices, but that certainly does not mean they are the only options! Here’s a taste of what else is out there…

Wood countertops… Available in a variety of species and finishes, wood tops can be a great choice for a kitchen, island, or even a vanity. We often use wood tops in the kitchen in conjunction with another surface to add warmth to the space. Natural finishes are maintained with mineral oil, or you can opt for a Waterlox or Poly coating.

Concrete countertops… Concrete is a countertop with many possibilities. It has a naturally warm feel, and the many options of pigments, aggregates, and stains can create a unique look and texture.

Glass countertops… Sleek, smooth glass can be used as a countertop surface for a modern bathroom vanity or a one-of-a-kind kitchen.

Manufactured concrete and glass tops… Combining the best of the above two surfaces, manufacturers such as IceStone and Vetrazzo mix recycled glass with concrete to create amazing and colorful countertops, that also happen to be eco-friendly. Win-win!

Metal countertops… Stainless steel, zinc, and even copper can make for beautiful countertops. Stainless steel is durable and industrial (although it certainly shows fingerprints and can dent). Zinc and copper have more of a living finish which will patina with use and age, giving the metal warmth and character.

Paper… Yes, you read correctly, paper countertops, made of wood-base fibers, resins, and pigments, are an environmentally friendly countertop option that is surprisingly durable and carries a warranty. Browse http://www.richlite.com and http://www.paperstoneproducts.com for more information.

Laminate… Laminate tops have come a LONG way over the years. The color and finishing options seem limitless and and provide an affordable and easy to care for surface.

Solid-surface… While its popularity has waned over the years, solid-surface countertops do provide the opportunity to include an integrated sink into your kitchen or vanity. Made primarily from acrylic and polyester, solid-surface is also non-porous.

Volcanic lava stone… Love natural stone AND bright color? Look no further than the incredible surface from leading lava stone manufacturer Pyrolave.